Blockchain, DLTs and more...

We offer best quality, best value IT products and solutions to commercial and government organizations. We partner with our customers to develop strategies, design high quality and scalable products & solutions.

Our key areas of focus include blockchain, distributed ledger technologies(DLTs), cyber security, machine learning, artificial intelligence and digital transformation using cloud.

Core Technologies

Cloudera, Apache Solr, NiFi, Flume, Kafka, DataStax, Cassandra, Spark, AWS, Azure, Java, Scala, Blockchain, Hyperledger, CORDA, Spark, Bro-IDS, Cryptography, R…

Blockchain and DLTs

Transparency and Trust

ibLaunch is well positioned to offer blockchain and DLTs related products and solutions using Hyperledger, Corda(R3) and Ethereum and other platforms for our customers.  Customers can achieve transparency, trust, security, immutability while gaining cost savings and high availability with decentralization using blockchain. We have certified developers and strategic thinkers to help you take advantage of this incredible evolving space of blockchain and DLTs. 

Artificial Intelligence, 

Know your data, Automate

With the advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning you can begin to know your data, be more accurate in decision making and be ready for the next generation of the technological and business changes. ibLaunch has resources and experience to help customers to use latest machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies to drive innovation and add value to their cause. 

Cyber Security

Give tough time to bad actors

ibLaunch has developed the product to monitor network activities, notice patterns and identify anomalies in your network traffic. We are also well equipped to provide penetration testing, implementing security controls and help you switch your network to IPV6.

Digital Transformation

Move to cloud..get better at it!

ibLaunch can help customers shift to cloud to reduce costs and benefit from overall digital transformation. ibLaunch has resources and experience to help customers to use latest to be in the next frontier of technological changes.