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Here are the flagship products that has been developed by ibLaunch.

WelcomePass - COVID-19


WelcomePass - COVID-19

This helps employers meet President Bindens mandate on COVID-19, helps laboratories conduct multiple types of vaccination, and perform the test including COVID-19.


We have also partnered with laboratories and point of care testing companies to provide testing solutions for the DOD and other government agencies. 

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WelocomePass - Verification


WelcomePass - Verifier

COVID-19 Smart card verifier for Vaccination and test results.

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Carbon Neutrality

Signpost with Carbon Neutrality wording. Concept for global warming, climate change, zero

Helping organizations reach carbon neutrality.  And the very first step is measuring where the organization stands. This application helps organizations create greenhouse gas(GHG) emissions inventory and considers all sources of GHGs by the employer including employees, travel, office, vehicles, electricity, etc.

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Cyber Anamoly detection

Cyber security and network protection with cybersecurity expert working on secure access i

With this application, you can do endpoint threat detection on IoT devices.

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More on the way

Businessman pushing button positive thing. Business for Profit, Benefit, health insurance,

We are always in the hunt on finding solutions for what our customers' needs and therefore there are more products on the way...!

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