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News Flashes!

Here are exciting things happening for ibLaunch!!

WelcomePass acquires Co-Verify


November 2021:


WelcomePass acquired the Co-Verify technology from DLC enterprises, Ashburn-based Native Indian Company.


Co-Verify is a Web application that enables COVID-19 Lab test reporting and vaccine tracking. There are over 25,000 users and a capacity for over  4  million in the design.    The  site  won  2nd  place  in the Peoples  Choice  category  in 2021 
HHS/NIH  Covid  Designathon.    

New CTO - Linda Carr

CTO word written on wood block. CTO - chief technology officer - word is made of wooden bu

November 2021:


ibLaunch welcomes Linda Car as the CTO of ibLaunch and WelcomePass combined! Linda multi-talented senior Information Technology strategist & pioneer, with specialized competency in Enterprise 
Cybersecurity Solutions, Transformations, Datacenter migration, distributed ledger solutions, strategic optimization analysis, contract negotiations, solutions development, and training for world-renowned global technology companies, including Microsoft, Oracle, and Cisco.

Welcome, Linda!

ibLaunch hires TCI-Consulting to grow

Financial Advisor

October 2021:


ibLaunch hired TCI-consulting for strategic advice to grow ibLaunch Company. Daryl and Alan bring a wealth of knowledge and most importantly great passion for companies like us to grow!

ibLaunch becomes sub contractor for Accenture Federal Services

Team Discussion

August 2021:


ibLaunch becomes the sub-contracting partner for Accenture Federal Services.

ibLaunch submits NIH CIO-SP4 proposal successfully


August 2021:


With Teaming partners BTree Solutions and Xcelligen, ibLaunch successfully submitted a proposal for CIO-SP4.

ibLaunch hires BDSqured to manage PMO for Stars III vehicle

Business People

July 2021:


ibLaunch hires BDSqaured to help with PMO activities on the GSA Stars III vehicle.


Master Contract Number: 47QTCB21D0376  

Program Manager: 

ibLaunch welcomes General Counsel

General counsel on blackboard with businessman in a suit on side.jpg

April 2021:


ibLaunch Welcomes Anuj Gupta who has past experiences with Facebook, Mashable, VoxMedia as our first General Counsel.

ibLaunch welcomes David Wilson as an advisor

Consulting. Pyramid of wooden blocks with inscriptions. The concept of business, services

April 2021:


ibLaunch welcomes David Wilson from Franklin advisory. David and his team are helping with the WelcomePass initiative.



October 2020:


ibLaunch launched WelcomePass to help employers meet President Biden's mandate on COVID-19, either all employees are vaccinated or be on a weekly lab test.

Here is a reference for the White House Covid-19 Mandate:

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