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Hemant Bundele, Chief Executive Officer.  Hemant started ibLaunch Company which provides a complete suite of IT solutions to the Federal Government and healthcare companies with a focus on blockchain, distributed ledger technologies (DLT), cyber security, machine learning, and digital transformation using the Cloud.  Earlier Hemant founded ibLaunch Energy that focused on Greenhouse gas emissions management for helping organizations to reduce their carbon footprint.

Hemant has held management/technical leadership positions in software development at Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Raytheon, AT&T, and others.  Hemant offers an excellent blend of entrepreneurship, technology, and management skills.

Hemant holds a Bachelor of Computer Science from Amravati University in India. Hemant regularly attends industry events on the blockchain, distributed ledger technology, Cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. 




Linda Carr has been in technology since the early days of the internet in the late ’80s. By exploring, researching, and experimenting with new platforms and programs, she has helped organizations build and implement the right solutions that best serve their business needs. Her background is diverse to say it mildly, her degrees are BA/Art and Education, BS in Chemistry, with Masters in International Economics and Statistics. Mrs. Carr has multiple industry certifications from Microsoft, EMC, Cisco, VCE, BMC, and ISC2. 

Have been in the IT arena since 1985 and have written two books one in 1987 on scripting with DOS and the second in 2013 on the Cloud. Only the one on the cloud is still available and/or relevant. Another technology book detailing how to use Blockchain in the Enterprise was published in 2018. She has been an IT leader and technology teacher for most of her career, with her own consulting technology business from 1991 to 2016. Professionally a few notable companies she has worked with were; UUNET, Microsoft, Google, Harris Corp, HMA/CHS, Exxon- Mobil, AADAC, and a myriad of smaller companies with projects running the consulting for a merger with all the messy requirements of a conglomerate wanting to streamline to perform more efficiently, to a full data transformation to the cloud for two different Fortune 500 companies. 

Has presented most of her professional life – starting with Mobil Oil research and development in the late 80’s training the engineers on a new application utilizing one of the first ODBC connected to a VAX, then at Comdex in the ’90s for UUNET on various internet technologies, then moved to more advanced video telepresence utilization/implementation training in early 2000 at InterOp and most recently, cloud and converged infrastructures for HPE. 

Her teaching audiences spanned from all 5 Mobil/Exxon US refineries learning windows in 87 to over 1900 engineers for Microsoft’s MCSE program as well as taught and presented worldwide for EMC Smarts/Ionics in the US as well as Singapore, Frankfort, UK, and Australia. Worked on the Datacenter consortium developed in the early adoption days to help develop standards that are still used today within Leeds certification. 

Her personal life is full as well with 4 children and 8 grandchildren – as of this writing. She enjoys many personal activities such as diving and skiing with her family and has been an avid seamstress and chef all her life.


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