ibLaunch offers a cyber security consulting services for several industries. We’ve got the necessary tools and expertise to help you protect from the cyber attacks. We partner with our clients to develop engaging cyber strategies, design high quality and scalable solutions.

Meet Big Data and Cyber Security

Cassandra, AWS, Flink, Spark and more


Cyber Security Appliance

Looking to make sense of your network traffic? Try ibL-Trackit. With ibL-TrackIt we can monitor network activities, notice patterns and identify anomalies in your network traffic. Protect yourself from cyber attacks, be at the forefront not on the back seat.

Penetration Testing

Know Your Threats

ibLaunch security experts simulate the techniques of real-world attackers targeting your cyber assets. We can help you Identify security vulnerabilities before an attacker exploits them.

Switch to IPv6

Give tough time to bad actors

Internet protocol security is baked into IPv6. ibLaunch can help you transition to IPv6 successfully there by making your network inherently secure. Improve confidentiality, authentication and data integrity in your network, begin today.

Implement Controls

Secure your network

ibLaunch can help you implement security controls with in your network. Take obvious steps, such as getting a comprehensive inventory of all network devices and software, implementing secure hardware configurations, but also get into areas that are less evident.